Woodwick Candle Lavender & Cedar Medium 275g

Their top-quality paraffin is enriched with soy wax to assist the candle burn longer and make it extra biodegradable. Woodwick.yankeecandle.co.uk must review the safety white pumpkin and chai of your connection earlier than continuing. Some merchandise might require proof of age and a signature on supply.

Never go away a burning candle unattended or close to simply flammable objects. Always let the candle burn until the floor completely melts to stop an unwanted hole within the wax from forming. For optimal burning, we suggest frequently trimming the wick down to the beneficial length. By submitting, you consent to the processing of your personal information for the aim of offering and processing advertising offers by Notino International Limited. More data on the coverage in regards to the processing of personal data. XClose dialog boxPlease log in to your account to add products to your favourites.

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Top notice is the preliminary impression of the fragrance, center notice is the main physique of the scent and base is its ultimate impression. If the item particulars above aren’t correct or full, we want to know about it.

Sit again and chill out with the beautiful notes of the Lavender & Cedar Medium Candle from Woodwick. Order by 10pm , obtainable 7 days a week for £4.95. This will not be obtainable throughout public holidays or weekends in between public holidays.

For more information about our deliveries and charges see right here. Please get in contact with us for any queries or special necessities. We also offer in-store discounts that you just won’t find online. Visit us at present and encompass yourself with lovely fragrances. Needs to evaluation the security of your connection earlier than proceeding. Do not depart to burn for greater than 4 hours.

The exclusive, patented picket wick of our Pluswick® Innovation candles creates the sound of a crackling hearth. This medium lavender and cedar Woodwick candle is a woody fragrance with notes of pink pepper and aromatic lavender combined with a dancing flame and soft crackle recreates the warming comfort of a glowing fire. The patented PLUSWICK® technology within the candle includes a pure wooden wick that’s designed to crackle as it burns. Fill your curated residence with the rich, nuanced scents and the distinctive, iconic look of the Woodwick Large Hourglass Candle with a wooden lid.

Notes of pink pepper and fragrant lavender are layered with sage flower, patchouli and blonde woods. Crafted by expert luxurious candlemakers, Woodwick candles supply indulgent fragrances that captivate the senses and natural picket wicks to emulate the soothing sound of a crackling fire. Notes of pink pepper and fragrant lavender are layered with sage flower, patchouli, and blonde woods.

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