Pushd Stage 6 Lights Up E-Commerce Presale Scene Globally, Attracting FIL Investors


Surviving the crypto market is no easy task. Getting the best returns requires the right amount of grit, determination, and purpose. In periods of market uncertainty, the requirements are even higher, and investors have to apply more moderation to get what they want out of the market. Savvy investors have mastered navigating the market and finding the right projects to maximize their investments.

At the root of it is gaining a wealth of information that allows investors to judge which tokens are most likely to produce the returns they desire. Our analysis provides this as we discuss two interesting tokens, Pushd – the new decentralized finance innovation, and Filecoin – the digital storage crypto.

Our analysis provides details about each project’s core, current prices, and what the experts think about them. Here’s what we know.

Filecoin: The Road to $10 and More

Filecoin is a decentralized blockchain project that aims to alter how data is stored and shared. It challenges the status quo of centralized data storage, filled with many issues. Filecoin allows users worldwide to provide cloud storage and get rewarded for it. Following a successful ICO in 2017, Filecoin has seen significant popularity with up to $3.6 billion in market cap, ranking 28th out of all cryptos on CoinMarketCap.

While previous success has attracted some investors, there seems to be a growing group of investors more interested in its prospects. In particular, many expect Filecoin to rally in May and reach as high as $10. Filecoin had previously reached and surpassed this price point in early March. It is now worth $6.68 per unit.

Filecoin has dropped 27% compared to 30 days ago but has improved by 3% compared to 7 days ago. The long-term view may suggest that it has limited potential. It is strengthened by Filecoin’s 27% increase compared to a year ago. Some indicators suggest Filecoin should see an impressive rally and hit $8 at the end of May at the very least.

Pushd: Decentralizing Global E-commerce

The global e-commerce industry has grown significantly in the past few years and has reached revenue numbers of up to $6 trillion. The industry is expected to grow even further this year. That could make projects like Pushd that bring blockchain-based innovation to the industry very profitable.

Pushd is a digital marketplace with blockchain features. It allows users worldwide to buy and sell products securely. Users simply register for an account with a brief process of around 2 minutes. Pushd does not require KYC or any other form of identity verification. That means users can use the platform while staying anonymous.

Pushd also offers low fees, quick transactions, and an improved user experience overall. Users can earn rewards for using Pushd and hitting certain milestones.

Token holders can contribute to the governance of the platform. The Pushd token, which powers the entire ecosystem, sells for $0.144 per unit in stage six of its presale. All investors who buy Pushd at this stage earn some of the profits it makes. These payments are proportional to the amount of presale tokens investors buy. With expectations of large adoption, the returns from this could progressively increase.

More information about the Pushd presale is provided here.


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