Stage 6 Pushd Presale Offers Stability as TRX and DOGE Investors Face Market Shifts


Tron and the famous meme coin Doge investors are pouring money into the 6th stage of the Pushd presale. Each token in this presale is selling for $0.144. With the market taking a bearish turn amid war and other news, people are excited about Pushd’s features and potential. This excitement is boosting participation in the presale as investors see promising opportunities ahead. Some crypto analysts expect at least 50X gains after the launch.

In this article, we will discuss how Tron and Dogecoin are reacting to the market correction. We will discover why the crypto community is excited about Pushd, a game-changing e-commerce platform.

What is the Next Immediate Support Level for Tron?

Tron is one of the coins that has been badly hit in this market correction. It is already down more than 25% from its 52-week high. Last week, its price dropped from $0.124 to $0.107. It was a drop of 6.34%. $0.110 was acting as an important support, but it got broken today. If this downtrend continues, The next immediate support can be around $0.1.

This correction has made Tron investors look for other market opportunities. The revolutionary blockchain-enabled e-commerce platform Pushd is becoming a haven for them.

E-commerce is growing fast worldwide and is expected to reach over $6 trillion by 2024. Pushd is also ready to benefit from this trend. Their online store, powered by blockchain tech, is highly secure and transparent. It makes buying and selling more accessible and safer for buyers and sellers on the platform.

Dogecoin Trading Inside the Mother Candle of 13 April

On 13 April, Dogecoin dropped more than 20%. However, it recovered at the end of the day and closed at $0.152. That candle is acting as a mother candle now. The Mother candle or Preceding candle is the first candle in two or more candlestick designs. The Inside candles are the preceding candles. The break of the mother candle, either on the upper or lower side, decides the direction.

The Relative Strength Index (RSI) is at 42 and shows mild bearishness. The Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) is below the middle. All these bearish signs are making Doge investors join the Pushd presale. Recently, some Doge whales also joined the 6th stage presale.

Pushd Garnering Lots Of Investors’ Attention

Traditional online stores take a large chunk of money from sellers, requiring buyers to undergo long verification processes. But Pushd offers a better option. On sites like eBay or Amazon, sellers often have to raise prices to cover these fees, which strains their finances. Payment processors like PayPal can hold onto sellers’ money for a while. That makes it even harder for them to manage their cash flow.

Currently, Pushd tokens are being sold in a presale at Stage 6 for $0.144 each. Slots are feeling fast with the Tron and Doge investors pushing money into the presale. For further information, visit the site.

Find out more about the PUSHD presale by visiting the website here


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