Online Keno: Rules and History of The Game, The Best Sites to Play Online Keno for Money in The UAE


For many centuries, online Keno, which is a game of luck, has been around. Keno has its origins in China; the name Keno bears the meaning of five winning numbers. Keno is similar to the lottery, and when you play online Keno for money in UAE, you can win big even when you bet small. 

Even though the best online Keno in UAE usually has one or two variants of Keno, Keno still attracts a lot of players from all over the world, making it one of the Keno online casinos UAE. 

History of Online Keno For Money in UAE 

Keno is an ancient game with a long history that dates back to roughly 3000 years. Keno is one of the oldest casino games, loved by players around the world. Despite Keno being very famous around the world, the game has a clear history that started in its place of origin and spread throughout the world.

It is said that the game originated in China, and the term “Keno” contains French and Latin roots. The game was first invented about three thousand years ago, in the Han Dynasty of China. 

According to mythology, Cheung Leung, the Han Dynasty ruler who developed the game, created it as a means of preventing a battle from engulfing the city. The city of Cheung Leung was at war at that time, but the funds to keep the war going weren’t available. After exhausting all possible taxation methods, Cheung created a brand-new game called Keno that allowed local people to raise money through a lottery.

The origin story is thought to have continued after the war because the money raised from Keno is also thought to have contributed to the building of the Great Wall of China.

It is crucial to remember that the Keno lottery was illegal in China until the 1800s. As a result, the formal history that has been recorded began in the 1800s.

The Best Sites to Play Online Keno for Money in The UAE

Below are some of the best sites for Abu Dhabi. 

  • Rabona Casino 

Rabona is a great platform that gives gamers a fantastic thrill. It is one of the best sites to play Keno games in Ajman. Rabona allows you to enjoy excellent odds on casino games, table games, jackpots, virtual sports, and sports betting.

When using Rabona, you can pay with a credit card, online wallet, or cryptocurrency. These different payment methods allow you to make a deposit and enjoy a generous first-time bonus of 100% up to $500 and 200 free spins. You can play live casino, watch sports, and gamble all at once.

  • YYY Casino 

YYY Casino is an Arab-based Casino. It offers gamers thrilling table games, prizes, and sports betting with excellent odds and markets. YYY casino is one of the best online Keno for real money in UAE. 

With YYY casino, you can use a card, an online wallet, or cryptocurrency to make a deposit and enjoy a 100% welcome bonus of up to $500 on your initial deposit. Enjoy the best live casino, sports, and casino games.

YYY Casino’s availability as an immediate play and mobile casino give it an advantage. This has been made possible by the casino’s quickness. As a result, using YYY online does not require the download of any mobile applications; you can simply play it online. 

  • 888 Casino 

888 Casino is one of the most known casinos in Arabic countries. The 888 provides a variety of games, including poker, odds, live casino, and slots. Additionally, they provide a great environment for Arabic casinos.

When signing up for an 888 casino, you have the option of using a $88 no-deposit bonus. But that’s not all; there is also a 100% bonus of up to $1000 as a way of saying “welcome to our platform.”

888 Holdings Plc is the owner and operator of 888. 888 holdings were established in 1997. The website uses a lot of software background as a base of operation. It offers a vast selection of games, so players from Arab countries can look forward to good service as they sign up for 888 holdings. 

Final Thoughts 

When looking for sites to play online Keno for money in UAE, you should explore casinos such as 888 Casino, Rabona, and YYY Casino. Keno has become a very popular game in online casino gambling, and it is easy to see why. Keno offers players a real chance to make money while having fun. 

You also have the opportunity to choose the best online casino in the UAE with the help of this blog.



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