DeeStream’s April Presale Attracts BTC & ADA Investors: Eyeing Historic Profits


Bitcoin is testing crucial barriers, and Cardano seems poised for a turnaround. Traders are seeking clarity amid fluctuating prices and evolving market sentiment. Meanwhile, DeeStream, the pioneering decentralized streaming platform, is witnessing a tidal wave of interest in its April presale. It attracts not only Bitcoin and Cardano investors but also thousands of users who are eyeing historic profits.

Moreover, DeeStream’s April presale tidal wave sees over 17,800 users joining with many more about to come on board. Many crypto enthusiasts see this opportunity as one not to take lightly. They anticipate massive gains in the coming months.

Bitcoin Faces Critical Resistance Amidst Market Uncertainty

The price of Bitcoin has been fluctuating between $70.29K and $66.14K, experiencing a notable 5.94% decrease. Currently, Bitcoin is testing a crucial resistance point at $66,000. However, concerns persist that failure to maintain above $64,500 might lead to a downturn. Bitcoin recently faced resistance near $66,500 and $67,000. It is struggling to surpass those levels along with the 100-hour simple moving average.

A prominent bearish trend line near $66,400 on the hourly BTC/USD chart adds to the challenge. It increases the likelihood of a drop below the $64,500 support zone. Despite a brief consolidation around $64,500 and a minor recovery, Bitcoin couldn’t sustain momentum above the $66,000 mark. Clearing these hurdles could pave the way for a potential rise towards the $70,000 zone.

Cardano’s Price Potential Amidst Market Movement

Cardano’s weekly price has decreased by 10.97%, falling between $0.64 and $0.58. However, despite this decline, there are indications that Cardano’s price could be poised for a turnaround. The current price of Cardano sits around $0.5756, touching a support level that has historically acted as a launchpad for price increases. If Cardano manages to stay above this support level, there’s a chance we could witness a price surge.

Looking ahead, if Cardano continues its upward momentum, it may encounter a resistance level at $0.6646. Resistance levels are like barriers that prices struggle to surpass. The fact that Cardano’s price is at a similar level where it bounced back before is a good sign. It suggests that Cardano might be on the verge of another upward trajectory.

DeeStream’s April Presale Tidal Wave Attracts More Investors

DeeStream is the world’s first decentralized streaming platform to bring together content creators and fans worldwide. DeeStream is a platform that lets people who make videos talk directly to their fans all around the world. It’s like YouTube and Twitch, where you can subscribe to your favorite creators.

The DeeStream presale is priced at $0.06 per token in stage 2. It lets people invest early in the platform’s growth and get special perks like trying out new features before others. With over 17,800 people signed up to use DeeStream and 3,400 investors already on board, a lot of people are excited about it. DeeStream only has a limited number of tokens available. So, hurry up before they sell out.

Find out more about the DeeStream presale by visiting the website here


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