DeeStream Stage 2 Attracts Ripple & Aptos Holders, Racing Past 3,300 & Eying 50X Returns


Ripple doesn’t have the best track record and largely targets major financial institutions. Aptos is an attractive investment, but it targets a very niche market that not everyone understands.

However, video streaming? Well, what’s not to understand? DeeStream is going to disrupt the space by focusing on providing an exceptional digital environment for creators, consumers, and investors. That’s why Ripple and Aptos investors are joining the party with bells on. After all, how often does one see a truly disruptive platform entering the digital video streaming space?

Ripple Plans on Launching a U.S. Dollar Stablecoin

Ripple intends to join the stablecoin market, which is valued at $150 billion. It will do that by launching a digital coin pegged to the U.S. dollar. The launch will first be in the U.S., as expected. However, the company stated it might consider launching regional versions of the product in regions such as Asia and Europe.

According to Ripple, the currency in question will be backed one-to-one with assets, such as U.S. dollar deposits, government bonds, and other cash equivalents. These reserves will not be just empty promises as monthly audits will be conducted. Proof made available in the reports that will be made public. However, the audit firm has not been revealed.

Ripple said its plan to launch this currency is in response to Tether’s USDT and Circle’s USDC being temporarily de-pegged. Essentially, the company is saying that there is some degree of uncertainty in the market, which it plans to capitalize on.

It also claims that the stablecoin would also be part of what Ripple is calling its On-Demand Liquidity product. So far, Ripple hasn’t been able to show banks and payment processors how their coin can benefit them. That’s where this ON-Demand Liquidity product would come in, as the goal is to settle transactions between financial institutions quickly.

Aptos Announced Google Cloud Partnership

Nowadays, it seems that all it takes is to mention Google, and the market reacts positively. Aptos APT certainly has merits of its own. It has been making significant strides, including launching a new gaming ecosystem in mid-March. However, a week later, it announced a partnership with Google Cloud to significantly improve the Web3 experience for gamers.

On the back of this partnership, Aptos GameStack will be released to the public. This unified platform will improve the live service offering of games that will have Web3 elements integrated. According to Aptos, thanks to their new platform, any game will be able to leverage the power of Web3. It will provide benefits to the mainstream gaming industry.

As a result, Aptos surged to an annual high of $18.4 and later corrected to $14.4 but still showed significant gains. It remains to be seen whether Aptos can maintain this momentum or whether it was simply a blip in reaction to their announcements, only to slide back to where it was trading previously.

DeeStream DST Attracts Investors Looking for Consistent and Impressive Returns

DeeStream DST has been attracting Ripple and Aptos investors for a multitude of reasons, including eye-watering returns. What really draws these investors in is that DeeStream is using a formula that has already proven successful: video streaming.

Where others have failed by imposing high fees, censoring speech, and taking an eternity to pay, DeeStream is proving that if one learns from these mistakes, one can blow the competition out of the water.

DeeStream has managed to garner over 3,300 holders in its Stage 2 presale within a short time frame. What’s not to appreciate? All it takes to join is for users to complete a simple form.

Streamers can easily earn through gifted subscriptions, Dee gifts, and packages paid on the spot in their accounts. Most importantly, free speech is guaranteed. No worries about one’s channel being banned if the wrong word was mentioned. Coupled with low fees, it’s unsurprising that so many Ripple and Aptos investors are turning to DeeStream.

For more information on DeeStream’s presale, check out the website here.


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