BAT & Maker Investors Flock to DeeStream Despite Market Volatility


Content creators, streamers, and fans worldwide have outgrown the features and functions of traditional streaming platforms like Twitch, Netflix, etc. Therefore, they are excited to see a decentralized streaming platform that offers more than the traditional platforms.

That being said, streaming platform enthusiasts, streamers, and content creators are flocking to DeeStream.

BAT Investors Jittery Over Continuous Decline

For a token launched in 2017, analysts expect BAT to have recorded huge market movement and surged significantly. However, BAT has continued a poor run that has seen it maintain its 175th position, according to CoinMarketCap. Similarly, BAT’s price value stands at $0.2485, showing a 5.3% decline in the past year.

It is more intriguing that while other tokens recorded a huge price uptick during the 2024 bull run. BAT did not record any significant surge. In the last two months, including the March bull run, BAT surged briefly to $0.35. It signifies a little price uptick when Bitcoin was recording an over 70% surge.

Based on this poor run, BAT investors have lost confidence in the token. They are seeking better investment alternatives where they can diversify their portfolios.

How will Investors Respond to Maker Proposal?

Maker developers are mulling a proposal that could either make or mar the gain recorded in the recent bull run. Developers say the proposal will align the disparity between Maker and the DAI stablecoin.

The proposal’s highlight is a change that entails adding staking functionality for Maker tokens. So, when a user stakes their Maker token, they will get stkMKR. It is a token that accrues fees in the form of an additional Maker.

Ahead of the deliberation on the proposal, Maker is consolidating nearly $3,000, currently standing at $2,998. Some expect that should the investors’ interest align with the proposal, there will be increased movement around Maker. That will lead to a price uptick and a cross-over above the $3,000 threshold.

However, should the investors oppose the proposal, Maker might respond negatively by declining to about $2500.

Investors Flock to DeeStrean for Better Viewing Option

BAT holders are battling with poor performance of their token. Moreover, there is no significant surge to Maker holders who may oppose the new proposal. DeeStream seems promising to BAT and MKR holders with a topnotch viewing experience and huge return on investment.

Due to its easy-to-signup feature, DeeStream is recording massive attention from blockchain enthusiasts, investors and streamers. They are fascinated by the streaming feature, which allows users across the globe to stream their favorite shows. Moreover, they can connect with several creators on a decentralized platform.

Unlike traditional streaming platforms like Twitch, which offer no reward to viewers, DeeStream offers multiple reward programs where users can earn crypto for completing tasks and achieving targeted milestones. As a DeeStream holder, you are entitled to a revenue share generated on this decentralized streaming platform proportionate to your holdings.

Interestingly, your investment as a presale token holder allows you to participate in the governance process, propose changes, and vote on the DeeStream network.

To earn a revenue share while streaming your favorite content, visit the DeeStream presale website here.


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