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My husband and I have been married for 17 years and we’ve had a lot of different jobs. We both have green thumbs. We’ve worked in construction, landscaping, interior design, and even in the medical field. The one thing we’ve all done in our lives that we’ve done together well is our green thumb. We’ve been married for 17 years, and we’re both green thumbs.

You know when you think you have everything together, and then you realize that you have no money, no health insurance, no retirement savings, no way to pay for the mortgage, and no way of getting out of debt? That’s where our green thumb came into play. We both have green thumbs, and we worked for a company that had a lot of green thumbs. If we wanted to make a decision on something, we would work it out together first.

Our green thumb is the difference between what we have and what we need. Our money is in a savings account. We can access it whenever we want. Our health insurance is in a policy paid by our employer. Our retirement savings are in the pension plan. We can withdraw whatever money we need at any time. Our debt is in a credit card. We dont have a lot of those, but we are still in debt.

We may be green, but we are also very indebted. To be debt-free, we would have to pay down all of our debt. If we didn’t, we would be in a position where we could no longer afford to live. That is something that would make it very difficult to survive. So in order to live a comfortable life, we have to earn it.

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