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Voted as the best pet store in Maine by Downeast Dog News for the past three years, Two Salty Dogs for everything you want for cats and canines. They carry all the highest names in cat and dog food and specialize in Maine-made treats, toys, leashes, and collars. A group protesting the purchase of dogs from pet mills demonstrated outdoors a pet retailer in Windham on Sunday.

Just look for the bright pink building and you’ll find one of Maine’s largest pet supply and gift store in Freeport. The workers is friendly and the store has an enormous choice of merchandise. Throughout the year, additionally they host pet vaccine clinics so hold an eye fixed for occasions on their Facebook web page. The owner went on to say protesters who need to shut puppy mills should give attention to making laws on the state and federal stage.

The people who serve you at our Blue Seal Stores are as enthusiastic about animals as you are! Every day we give consideration to bringing you essentially the most healthful merchandise to assist your animals grow robust, stay healthy, and live happy. The folks of Blue Seal attempt to counterpoint your life and exceed your expectations by providing your pets with the highest quality diet you can trust. In the meantime, she stated, the road protests get results. The True Blue Club is open to authorized residents of the United States and its territories and Canada no much less than 18 years of age except where prohibited by or restricted by law.

We have a full dental suite and offer routine cleanings, extractions, and dental radiographs. “For each puppy that is offered there’s a canine being bred within the mills,” said dog groomer Carol Reynolds. “By shopping for a puppy you’re supporting the cruelty within the mills.” “A pet mill is a large-scale breeding facility during pocket pet representative species which canines are saved their entire life in small wire-bottom cages to be bred their whole life span,” mentioned protester Lynn Fracassi. This website is managed by the State’s Maine Made Program which builds recognition for Maine products, their producers, and Maine industries.

We hold the most recent styles and designs ready to fit perfectly into your pets house. Come and see our newest line of classy toys on your pets. Click the picture to be redirected to see a few of our products.

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