Monero Token a Boon for Gambling Websites, Top Websites for it

  • Monero(XMR) is very versatile in Gambling industry
  • XMR token is also a very good trading option  

Crypto gambling has been in the limelight for a while, gambling in general is one of the easiest and sometimes the costliest way for getting dopamine hits for people. It is one of the ways for gaming profits and also a good way to get a loss.

There are Gambling websites for trying your luck with crypto, generally these websites also have gambling related to fiat currencies too. Crypto gambling sites have become popular in recent times, it might be because of the profits related to it or they might also be popular just for entertainment.

Best websites for Gambling in Monero 

One of the most used crypto in terms of gambling is Monero, as it is the most versatile in sense of gambling and has a token which has been popular since its launch. Some of the best gambling sites which are best in context of gambling are:-

  • Lucky Block 

This one of the best ecosystems in terms of ambling which has more than 2700 games on its website and is one of the pioneer’s in bridging the gap between web2 and web3. It is one of the best websites in terms of gambling in Monero 

  • BC.Game 

This gambling website is one which has been endorsed by many big names which are portrayed on its website, with one of the best profits giving websites. It accepts Players from only US and currency with which is most compatible is Monero   

  • Cloudbet 

Cloudbet offers a varied range of betting and gambling options, such as casinos , live casinos, sports and esports. It caters to a very diverse audience base and accepts largely XMR. 

  • Bitslot 

Bitslot is most famous for its bonuses it hands out, by depositing 0.001BTC on friday’s one can gain 25 free spin for rewards and bonuses, one of the cons of this website is not being able to bet on sports or esports facilities. 


This website has been popular in pop-ads, as many players can be seen endorsing this brand, though it has been popular for bitcoin but Monero is also used for gambling and betting on this site.

  • FortuneJack 

This website is most famous for its live gambling and it has around 100+ live gamblers all the time, this website has been in talks for the past few years, this has been one of the most trusted sites for a while now. It has all the gambling options one desires and supports Monero crypto.

More ways to use Monero 

These websites are all fun and should be used cautiously, every person should be careful while using these websites and should avoid addiction to such practices. 

While Monero being used for purposes of gambling it is also a very high end cryptocurrency with a very good value for its token as 1 XMR is equal to $144, it can also be used as a good trading option apart from being used very widely in gambling. This token also has potential to be much more than just used for gambling 



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