Is Jessica Dunagan ‘unstable’? ‘Extreme Sisters’ Fans Alarmed At Her Hysteria Over New Man In Christina’s Life

Jessica and Christina mix years of life coaching experience with their pure born intuitive gift. This permits for a novel expertise as a end result of they can guide their clients in additional methods then one. Christina and Jessica also identified that TLC had another connection to them and their skills beyond their YouTube channel. I thought she was just a client” Jessica said, laughing. Christina went slightly deeper, including that the casting director was “spirit led” to them.

They also consider in the pseudoscience of Reiki therapeutic, an alternative medicine that promotes belief in vitality healing. Oddly, the pair claims they infuse their meals with vitality from their bodies that they then consume — assumedly again into their our bodies. Some private predictions made by the “Extreme Sisters” came true, corresponding to Christina predicting Jessica’s divorce. When Jessica needed another baby, Christina warned her of an impending divorce the following year.

Since childhood, each the sisters relied on each other for love and help, since they’d a really troubled childhood due to their mother’s relationships. They revealed in their confessional that that they had a total of six step-fathers whereas growing up. Considering their tough upbringing, Christina and Jessica started leaning on one another to get via the robust instances. Although things did get better for them, they still refused to let go off one another and continued to rely on one another. This brought on lots of trouble in their very own relationships, as both the sisters ended up getting divorced because of their attachment to one another. Jessica reportedly informed her ex-husband that her sister Christina was her soulmate and that he would all the time come after her.

He reassures her that he does and want to get to know her better. She explains that till she can be herself around him, she is not going to like him. She tells her sister to be her true self after which storms off. Twins Anna and Lucy select to stay their lives identically in each means attainable.

Christina and Jessica haven’t revealed their exact date of delivery. This is what you have to find out about Christina and Jessicaare Identical Twins and reality tv stars identified for Extreme Sisters. They have been labeled as the pet store bowling green ky “Psychic Sisters” of “Extreme Sisters. Brooke goes into labor, and Baylee struggles with not being within the hospital room. Brittany and Briana confront their largest worry.

When fans noticed Jessica’s mood tantrums they weren’t impressed and commenced wondering if she was alright. “Jessica seriously needs to hunt remedy #ExtremeSisters,” seconded a fan. “So basically you’re taking energy and you’re transferring it out of your mind into a thought and that into power in your palms. And then you’re placing that energy into the food before you devour it.

But he says he does like her and doesn’t want any beef. But she doesn’t consider him and storms out of the home with out another word. “This is the first time in our life where she’s remained single while I’ve had a relationship,” Christina said. And Reiki-charging our meals is what modified our lives.

The sisters also foresaw their mother’s demise. According to, the sisters have led parallel lives via every major life event. They received married, grew to become pregnant, and went via divorces at the identical time.

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