A Productive Rant About harrah’s casino restaurants

The new food hall is one of my new favorite places on the Strip. It’s just that good.

The food hall is a classic example of what we want for food. We had planned to have it on our menu as a “night”, but it was pretty much gone and now we still have to do what we’re supposed to do.

The food hall was one of the first concepts that was introduced to us by the team at Harrah’s Entertainment when we were trying to decide what to do with our menu. We came up with six different concepts for the food hall, each of which we thought was a good idea, but all of which we weren’t sure could be done with our menu. Harrah’s was really great at giving us a lot of freedom in the design of the food hall.

We wanted to get a good deal on our food hall, so we came up with three different concepts. We wanted to provide the best experience possible and keep the price low so that the food hall would be profitable, so we went with the concept that was closest.

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