Bitcoin Spark Builds a Product into their Wallet, While Dogecoin Wallet has Zero Utility


Blockchain technology has provided individuals with two distinct wallets they can use: custodial and noncustodial. Custodial wallets are wallets that participants in the industry entrust their assets to an entity, either website or an application. These firms hold the private keys. In return, users get to trade or hold cryptos. Regarding Non-Custodial wallet, users have complete power over the private keys. Participants who wish to store their virtual assets can select either of the two. Bitcoin Spark has an improved wallet version that seeks to create mass adoption in the virtual currency ecosystem.

How to acquire a Dogecoin wallet

In the cryptocurrency industry, there are two types of wallets: hot and cold. Hot wallets are connected to the internet. Participants can receive, send, and store cryptocurrencies using these wallets. For instance, Dogecoin users can utilize Dogecoin Core to store their assets. Cold wallets are offline since they can store crypto on physical devices. Those willing to use cold wallets can utilize proper hardware wallets to hold their virtual currencies.

Bitcoin Spark Mass Adoption Commences

Bitcoin Spark is the project that will take over the cryptocurrency industry. The project contains pertinent features such as a double consensus mechanism (proof-of-process) and a specialized scientific algorithmic system that promotes the linear distribution of rewards. The platform was developed by Steven Kurtz and Dylan Ashford. The two are leaders envisioning the project’s development as it matches its ecosystem to success. Users who participate in the project will have multiple ways of income generation compared to those belonging to other blockchain networks.

To conduct transactions in the community, users must purchase BTCS, the gas token. BTCS is also used to reward community members who actively participate in the project’s development. Individuals who would like to join the project must buy the native token at $1.75 during the current ICO phase one. Purchases made during this phase will receive a 15% bonus. For cryptocurrency enthusiasts who fear missing out on emerging projects, this is an opportune time for partaking in an upcoming platform that depicts high levels of development and yields for investors.

Validators are encouraged to participate in the Bitcoin Spark network. This is because the platform has a lightweight system that makes lower-power devices run the network as compared to other resource-intensive networks, which waste energy in validating transactions. As a result of the mechanism, there is a higher number of miners increasing the validator extent promoting security. In addition, there will be less evidence of network strangulation than other blockchain networks have because of having a massive number of validators.

Bitcoin is amongst the leading crypto networks in the world, yet, participants are not rewarded as required. Augmenting income generation to the network will lead to increased motivation and desire for participation among participants. Revenue generation in Bitcoin Spark is acquired through renting processing power and advertisements hence increasing user participation in the network. An unused section of the website and application will be used for promotion.


The decentralized ecosystem has provided several means for generating income. Nonetheless, projects have arisen to promote cryptocurrency adoption. For instance, Dogecoin, which came as a meme to the internet space, gained traction, earning several individuals profits. Bitcoin Spark is a new project that will create attention on media pages and the internet. The platform has a well-organized roadmap containing details from the ICO debut until the launch period scheduled on 30th November.

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